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Town Song

Windsor Now and Then

A song written by the late Ed Kohn

Two hundred years and more we’ve been

A town gone through hard times and then

We’ve raised our heads up high again

Like a Phoenix on the rise.

When the logging days had come and gone

And the tanning mills had all moved on

And the Ball Bridge Works closed down

We turned to what we had.


From Windsor Jambs to Estes (Sangar’s) Store

This little town is steeped in lore;

If you don’t know what a community’s for

Then Windsor’s not your style.

Hiking trails and Christmas trees

Maple sap and a summer breeze

Baseball games, cross country skis

Is what we have today.

But a town’s not made of bricks and stones

Not even trees nor roads nor homes

It’s made of muscle, skin, and bones

And the love of folks like you.


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