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Broadband/Fiber Internet

Windsor has reliable and high speed fiber internet (broadband) infrastructure available to all residents. It is managed through a private company called Whip City Fiber that you need to use to sign up for internet at your residence. Additionally, we use a company called Wired West to maintain the physical infrastructure. Because fiber internet is a complicated technology, we have provided a glossary of a number of technical terms [pdf] that you may find helpful to understand.

To sign up for Windsor fiber internet, or get support for existing service, visit the Whip City Fiber website. Some key contact info:

Customer Service

  • 1-833-991-9378


Technical Support

  • 1-833-923-9378


To install new Internet service, we highly recommend that the homeowner provide underground conduit for the fiber to be run frome the pole to your house. This will provide the most reliable service. This conduit must meet these installation requirements. While windsor paid for the underground conduit installation during initial roll-out, home owners are now largely responsible for this installation themselves.

Current fiber installation policy [pdf] (revised Sept 2022)

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