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Green Committee

Green Committee


Stu Besnoff (Chair), term expires 2024


Jan Bradley, term expires 2026

Holly Higinbotham, term expires 2024

Bob Meyers, term expires 2025

Marnie Meyers, term expires 2025


Meetings posted at Town Offices

Apppointed by Select Board for 3 year terms


Members of the Windsor Green Committee are appointed by the Select Board to help improve the environmental sustainability of activity in the Town of Windsor. This includes residential, commercial, and municipal property. Committee actions include:

  1. Outreach and education to town residents and businesses,

  2. Application for higher level government grant programs,

  3. Work with town departments to improve energy efficiency,

  4. Maximize the benefit of renewable energy for municipal and private property.

Windsor - A Green Community

As an active green community, Windsor is positioned to receive substantial grants towards addressing environmental and energy efficiency issues. Windsor is among 291 Massachusetts communities committed to finding clean energy solutions that reduce long-term energy costs and strenghten our local economies. ​