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Highway Department

Highway Department


John Denno (Superintendent)


John Poplaski

James Hyatt

Luke Dodge

Windsor Highway Department

2024 Route 9, Windsor, MA 01270

Route 9 Live Cam!

Hired by Select Board


The highway department is responsible for maintenance of town roads - about 30 miles of paved roads, 25 miles of unpaved roads, and 5 miles of unmaintained roads. Maintenance includes plowing snow, tree removal, grading dirt roads, mud mitigation, mowing, drainage and culverts. Notably, this does not include Route 9.


With a small crew and dozens of miles of rural roads, we all know how reliant Windsor is on having passable roads. The highway crew often works late nights, early mornings, and weekends to keep the roads open. But they prioritize the biggest roads with the most traffic and residents. While they aim to plow snow and respond to problems within 24 hours, the reality is that sometimes it takes longer. If you have a special need or there is an unusual circumstance, feel free to contact the Highway department, but please be patient. Mud in the spring can be particularly challenging. They are aware of wet areas, and are working on improving drainage, adding stone, etc. But the reality is that there is only so much that can be done for some roads.

In 2021, the Select Board approved a new set of Snow Policies [pdf].


Some kinds of work may require road related permits

Checks payable to "Town of Windsor"

Road Closures and Construction

These are the sections of roads are not plowed in the winter months. Signs will be placed at points of closure to alert drivers beyond that point.

  • Back Dalton Rd. – From 120 Back Dalton to Dalton line (Wahconah Falls)

  • Cemetery Rd. – From Windsor Jambs Rd. to Windigo Rd.

  • High Street Hill (Between the 9’s) – From 661 High Street Hill to 522 High Street Hill

  • High Street Hill - 1060 High Street Hill to Laflash Rd.

  • Hill Cemetery Rd. – From Cemetery to Savoy Rd / 8A

  • Humes Rd. - From 126 Humes Rd. to Nobody’s Rd.

  • Nobody’s Rd. – From East Windsor Rd. to Crane Rd.

  • Patterson Rd. - From 65 Patterson Rd. to Back Dalton Rd.

  • Peru Rd. – From 1410 Peru Rd. to Peru Town line

  • Shaw Rd. – From savoy Hollow Rd. to 1149 Shaw Rd.

  • Schoolhouse Rd. – From 203 Schoolhouse Rd. to Windsor Bush Rd.

  • Windigo Rd. – From Lower Jambs Rd. to Windsor Bush Rd.

Windsor Road Map

Windsor road map

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