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Town Clerk

Town Clerk


Sandy Kalmus

413-684-3811 #1


Mondays and Thursdays 5-7 pm, or by appointment.

Email or call to setup a more convenient time.

The Town Clerk is elected at the annual town election for a term of three years.


The town clerk answers to town residents and the Secretary of State. Duties include:

  • Custodian of Public Records including Bylaws

  • Vital Record registration/Marriage/Birth/ Death/Burial Agent

  • Ensures Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Compliance

  • Issues Licenses/Business Certificates

  • Public Records Requests

  • Posts required Notices/Agendas

  • Genealogical Research

  • Conducts yearly Census for Street Listing and Jury List

  • Official Election Officer

  • Registrar

Fees as follows:

  • Marriage License: $15

  • Business/DBA License: $15

  • Birth/Death Certificates: $10

  • Dog Licenses (good for 3 years)

    • Spayed/Neutered: $15

    • Intact: $30

Links to detailed information and forms are below.


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