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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Windsor Police Department

Kip Buoymaster (Police Chief)

Jordan Koch (Officer)

911 (Emergencies)

413-684-0037 (Office, leave a message)

Police Dispatch: 413-684-0300 (Not for Emergencies)

Police Hours

Monday 6-8pm

Town Offices

To schedule an appointment, call the office and leave a message.

Windsor Fire Department

Jamie Hyatt (Chief)

Emergencies: 911 (for fire reports)

Fire Station: 413-684-3236 (not for fire reports)

Fire Dispatch: 413-684-0300 (not for fire reports)

Windsor Fire Department

2025 Route 9, Windsor, MA 01270

Emergency Manager

Trinity Koch

Police and Fire Chief hired by Select Board.

Other fire fighters are volunteers appointed by Fire Chief.


The emergency manager is responsible for planning and coordinating emergency management preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation and works collaboratively with the Fire Chief, Police Chief, Public Health Director and Public Works Director to ensure effective implementation of goals, training and coordination of townwide emergency management planning.


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