Planning Board

Planning Board


Planning Board
  • Doug McNally (Chair), term through 2022


  • John Jones, term through 2025

  • Barbara Connors, term through 2024

  • Peter Sternerup, term through 2024

  • David Zink, term through 2023


Meetings posted at the Windsor Town Office and on the Website Calendar

Planning Board elected for 5 year terms


The Planning Board is granted power under State Law to influence the town's development, both physical and economic.

The Planning Board created a steering committee to develop a long range master plan for the town.


One current activity of the Planning Board in 2022 is the development of a master plan. The Steering Committee for that planning work includes: Chris Cozzaglio, Barb Connors, Holly Higginbotham, Jordan Koch, Mike Macdonald, and Kim Tobin.

Planning Board Agendas

Planning Board Minutes

Steering Committee Agendas

Steering Committee Minutes

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