Why am I still getting an excise tax bill when I no longer have that car?


You must always either transfer or cancel your plates when you no longer have a vehicle.  For as long as your plate is active, you will receive an excise tax bill.


REMEMBER: It is important that the bill for a vehicle you no longer own is NOT IGNORED. Interest and fees may accumulate and result in non-renewal of license and/or registration.


When am I entitled to an excise tax abatement?


You are entitled to an abatement on your excise tax when you DISPOSE OF THE VEHICLE and either CANCEL or TRANSFER YOUR PLATES to a new vehicle.  The Assessors’ office requires that you present the proper documentation along with an Application for Abatement for an abatement to be granted.  If the plate is lost, you must file for a lost plate receipt with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.


Who is entitled to an excise tax exemption?


Chapter 60A, Section 1 of the Massachusetts General Laws provide excise tax exemptions for vehicles owned by certain disabled individuals and veterans, ex-prisoners of war and their surviving spouses and certain charitable organizations.  Please contact our office for further details on eligibility.


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